Dreams Are For Other People

Many times when we hear “dreams” we think of higher profile jobs. A pro athlete, an entertainer, a doctor, or a lawyer. But there are other dreams, such as, wanting to own a trash company. And hey, think about that, u need that person who dreams of running a trash company because you have trash errrrrwurr. If you’re lucky, it makes it to your trash can. And if you remember to, you put it on the side of the street once a week.

Truth is, the majority of us don’t want to be that guy. That’s because God hasn’t given us that passion. Likewise, God has not given me the passion to build or design cars, but bruh, thank you to the ones that do have that passion Cuz I’m not walking in this Texas heat! Even if you don’t have A/C you can roll that window down and get that (drew) Breeze.

God designed us in a way that we use a lot of our time focusing on our passion, (or at least thinking about it). I’m so focused on music that I don’t really care about designing a car or running a trash company. The car designer and trash company owner can say the same about making music.

What do the 3 of us have in common? We all need each others gift. Our dreams are for other people, not just for ourselves.

I need the trash company so my place doesn’t become a dump, the trash company needs a truck designed, and the car designer (for all intents and purposes) feels more creative when he listens to his favorite music. And hypothetically, they both love SPZRKT .

Point being, no matter your dream, it’s never just for you, it’s for someone else as well. They have a need and you fill that need.

And for the person who is thinking, “I don’t care what others need, Imma do me.”, what if the person who has what you need has that same mindset?

Don’t be that guy.


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Share The World cover art
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Dreamers Are Crazy.

it’s amazing what can change over time. specifically a point of view. an opinion. how someone can say “it will never work!” so confidently with no true reasoning behind it except that, “it’s crazy”. Until crazy becomes the norm. i mean it baffles me how what use to be considered impossible or crazy, is now a part of our everyday lives. Somebody’s “crazy” made our lives easier. Somebody’s “crazy” made our lives better.  well how bout it, let’s look at some things that were once considered crazy.

1. we are gonna travel anywhere we want, and we’re gonna do it in the air 

[The Wright Brothers aka Da Airplane Gawdz]

2. i’m gonna walk in a room, flip a switch, and light will appear. bump yo candle. 

3. im gonna carry my computer with me anywhere and connect wireless

4. im gonna play music, send emails, 2 way message, and even find directions on my phone. oh and i’m gonna call people

5. horses be stinking up my gucci, im gonna build a car.

6. im gonna drop out of school, create a computer company, and change the entire freaking world.

all of these thoughts and ideas were once considered absolutely crazy. 


1. i fly to san antonio tomorrow 

2. i love lamp 

3. i’m typing this on a computer in my lap

4. my galaxy note 3 is superb

5. lil wayne pulled up in the expedition and we were like “nuh uh nuh uh nuh uh no he didn’t”

6. the computer in my lap is a MacBook Air.

those crazy people are suddenly all genius now. 

so it’s ok. be a dreamer. be crazy. soon enough they’ll say you’re genius. 

not simply because you have a dream or a passion. but because you put your all into it. there may be more talented people but you made sure that they are no harder workers than you. your hard work turned into to skill and now the talented people need your skill. 

and if your dreams are impossible, challenge impossible. 

go get em ya crazy kid. 

- rocket!


In the field where we wage the season’s war, it takes everyday. 

If we’re to lose, we’d all be breathless.

for in these roots is our blood, followed by our sweat and tears.

flowers and trees overtaking earth. weeds that we pull having zero worth.

but underneath the surface i’ve given everything.

not much more to me does anything mean. so we wait.

for the harvest.

for the hardest part of all.

song link. ]

I Get Frustrated

waiting for my music to release. i know that it’s all a process, forever i’ve known. But that doesn’t make me an less frustrated about it haha. I feel the weight of expectation while knowing the positive possibilities as well as the negative. My music isn’t just a gain in my life, it’s a financial gain in the lives of two men who lead families to the best of their knowledge, trying to provide for them everyday. Two men who have forsaken safe jobs and invested in me, believing they will more than break even. I want to be successful for them. See, my music was never just about me. I’ve always made it with others in mind. Creating or re-living stories I believed would be beneficial to the ones who listened. It was about the listener, and it still is, but now its also about making sure those two men are greatly rewarded for their many acts of faith in me.

     I’ve battled with confidence, thinking that mainstream media won’t accept me the way I am, the way I look. Overly afraid of TMZ catching me chomping down on a burger with my gut hanging haha. I’ve adjusted my diet, lost weight, and toned up. I look better and feel great. I’m even content. I just feel that i could be better, ya know? Like i’m not the best version of me yet. So i keep working.  Also, I’m no celebrity, but it’s already hard to know when a girl likes me for me, or who just likes the idea of dating Spazzy.

     I’ve never wanted fame, I’ve always wanted the music. Of course i want the music to be famous, but if i could sing through the mask, i woulda went all Daft Punk. It’s not enticing to know that people hang on the moves i make or words i say, simply because of the loose cannon i use to be. The evidence of Christ changing lives is the fact that people rarely believe me when i make that statement. I had rage, and somewhere along the line i found an opinion and voiced it far too often. Very aware of my flaws. But above that are the positives this bit of fame brings. I get to inspire people. I get to give them a perspective they never had. I have part in planting a seed that may change someone’s life. All because of God’s gift to me in music. That’s amazing, and that’s why i do this. 

     Slightly afraid that my niche and my habit to genre mix may not rest well with my day one fans. Bonfire is different. There are some styles i haven’t done before, that the #Dreamers aren’t use to from me. I’m very confident in the amount of new fans the music will bring in, but i have a loyalty to my day ones that i hope is never rejected. I’m beginning to feel it happen, what people have told me for years, that I will not just do well in music, i will do extremely well. It’s my desire to do so, but it’s nothing anyone can prepare for. Am I delusional to think that my days of walking through a Wal-Mart unbothered are numbered? Am i ridiculous to feel like my lifestyle is about to change from Bill Miller BBQ 6am - 2pm into Radio interviews 6am - 10am. Record store autograph signings Noon - 2pm. It’s so possible that my goals are too lofty, it’s quite possible that they’re spot on. 

Yes i knoooow there’s a process, and that there are bigger problems on this earth, but the fact that i’m on a laptop Tumbling about my dreams and not yet living them….i get frustrated. 

Jordan Year.

That’s what i kept telling myself my 23rd year of life would be. As a 22 yr old waiting in line for a midnight release of WWE ‘13, i was handed raffle number 23. When i got home, before even playing the game, i stuck that 23 on the back of the PC i record on. At this time my only full project released was ‘While We’re Young’. Purple|Panda was a month away, but i was thinking of how my contemporaries were graduating college while i’m yet to receive a single credit. How they were moving on to self sustaining jobs, and i still lived with my parents, working fast food. I needed age 23 to be a big year for me, and i told God i would go to the military if it wasn’t. 

He laughed.

So did my Mom. I tell her my military plan and she says “boy you better shut up and do your music”. I mean….yes mam. 

     March & April of 2013 were nice steps up for me. Some guy named Sango reached out to me, the release of #SPZRK3 to keep fans happy, and a huge assist from my friends D-Flow and Cheno Lyfe. They connected me to CHH (Christian Hip Hop) producer G-Roc, who had already worked with some notable CHH names. The first record we did together was acquired by Derek Minor, titled ‘We Are (Champions)’. The second record we did is still to this day a secret, and the third was specifically for Canon, titled ‘Mad Haven’. I got my foot in the door.

     May 7th, 2013, i turn 23 and release ‘The Loner’. This was the attention getter. It seemed that both mainstream and CHH connected to this project equally. Then things started getting really fun. Some recognizable CHH names asked me to feature on their records all at once it seems. Summer 2013 saw records with Cheno Lyfe, Kidd, Rhema Soul, Social Club, Black Knight, Derek Minor, Canon, and D-Tropp. I also released a single just for the summer titled ‘Best Of Your Love’, which became my biggest single at the time. 

     Here’s the tricky thing about music. You don’t want people to get tired of you, but you also don’t want them to forget you. So you start saying no to features, and you take time for your own music. In this time period away, I received 3 contract offers. I was about to sign to one label after one more phone conversation, but then Mickey Holm calls me and goes “Don’t sign with anyone, I’m making a record label”. Hahahaha. I still sat and talked details with him. The number one thing that won me over, STRT TRBL was willing to let me do whatever genres of music I wanted. There was no brand sound that i had to stick to, as was the case with the other two. Five months later, STRT TRBL releases ‘Lucid Dream’, my 5th free project. 

     Sango’s imprint seemed to be on each of my most successful records. ‘Serotonin’ is a huge fan favorite, ’ U N I V E R S E' is my most popular song yet, and 'Middle Of Things' is the most popular from his album, North. January 2014, i get a text from Sango and it says “Have you heard of Stwo?” I hadn’t. He replies “listen to ‘Syrup’, he’s gonna remix Middle Of Things”. Then this happened. The remix has over 1 million plays on Soundcloud AND YouTube. Amid our success, Sango asked me to join him in Austin for his headline event at SXSW. It would be the first time we met. I also caught up with Stwo at 2 events, and was asked by Live Mixtapes to do their showcase. 

     The Live Mixtapes Showcase went so well that I was the only artists they tweeted bout that day, though much more popular ones performed. At that event was a rep from Empire Distribution. A month later STRT TRBL signed an amazing digital distribution deal with Empire for all STRT TRBL artists. 

     Featured on the same song as Andy Mineo, features with This’l and Tedashii, recording my debut album in Gainesville, Florida, getting my first ever merch, Traveling on the regular


He’s been faithful to me and the gift that He gave me, as I have used it for His glory.  I’ll continue to do the same at age 24. Let’s see what happens.